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"Mercantia", defined Medieval theatre - festival - market, is the most symbolic cultural festival in Certaldo and one of the most significant meeting-places in the Tuscan and Italian panorama of the festival dedicated to the theatre. It's famous for the originality and peculiarity of its form. Born in 1988 by enterprise taken by the Commune of Certaldo, it develops every year in july (third week), animating - for five nights on end - the streets and the squares of the Medieval Village, Certaldo Alto, with the magic of the "Teatro da Quattro Soldi". Jugglers, clowns, puppeteers, acrobats, fire-eaters and fakirs, magicians and musicians, with groups and artists coming from every part of Italy and abroad live together with craftsmen, who work lively, involving people into a show "without interruption".

For further details, please, visit the official site of Mercantia:

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